March Club Meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 @ 4:05 PM
The next NOARC monthly club meeting will be on Thursday, March 26 at the Spring Lake District Library at 6:30 PM. The program will be another presentation by Paul, W8IQE.

Minutes of January 2015 monthly meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Thursday, January 22, 2015 @ 8:09 PM
January 15, 2015, brought our first NOARC meeting of the year to order with
roll call introductions of the nine attending members. President John
Fischer officiating.

Our program for the evening: " simple get on the air devices" , was
presented by Paul Zeller. Paul's curiosity led him" tinkering " with
radio innards (1949 ) , then winding his own coils; crystal sets,
etc.. In 1955 he wrote to FCC , inquiring about the novice license he
had heard about . Voila! An exam appears in the mail. He recruited a
Grand Haven police Sgt. to give him his 5 w.p.m. code test ( door-bell
keyer ). He got his technician license in 1956. A few old radios
.and TV sets. (power supply) served Paul well through the years. .Quoting
Paul.". Don't be afraid to try.".. Thank you, Paul, for an interesting and
entertaining presentation.

In house was our new base digital repeater, to be installed in the
spring . Don Meyer and John Fischer explained the many options our new
purchase offers.

. Coffee and brownies consumed, the meeting adjourned . Please note:
February 26 and March 26 are our next meetings .

Respectfully submitted ;, Phyllis Simmons , Secretary

January Meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 @ 11:11 PM
Our next meeting will be held on January 15 at the Spring Lake District Library. The program will be a presentation by Paul Zellar, W8IQE.

Minutes of November 2014 Meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Monday, December 1, 2014 @ 10:10 PM
Eleven enthusiastic members braved 20°, windy weather to attend the meeting
at the Spring Lake library. Phyllis brought her goodies, including apples,
chocolate chip cookies, Brownie bars, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Jerome
Novotny motioned to reimburse John Sundstrom, for expenses incurred in
purchasing a new repeater. The motion was seconded by Roger Simmons.

The November election of officers for NOARC then took place. John
Sundstrom advised that last year the same officers were elected. He
inquired if it was the wish of the club to reelect the present officers.
Jerome Novotny motioned that the same officers serve next year. The motion
was seconded by Paul Zellar. The motion was approved by unanimous consent.
The conference room is at the library for the January 15th meeting. It is
at 6:30 pm. Paul Zellar will present the program.

John Fischer advised that the Grand Rapids repeater link is hanging by
coax alone. A discussion was held reference possible by moving its
location. No firm location was mentioned.

The Christmas holiday party will take place at the Spring Lake library on
December 15 at 6:00 pm. Ham,coffee and punch are provided. Bring your
significant other, even your wife, your table service and a dish to share.
John Sundstrom has a door prize for the party. Plan to have a good time.

John Sundstrom presented an interesting program involving digital radio.
He brought a Yaesu FT1

dual band 2 m /70 cm handheld to the meeting. These radios are APRS
compatible with GPS. Radios also automatically receive and transmit analog
and digital modes. More information on these radios can be found on Google,

Gen. discussions were held as the members consumed Phyllis Simmons'
goodies. Then being satisfied, the amateurs filtered out of and departed
the premises.

Respectfully submitted: Phyllis and Roger Simmons

November Business Meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Thursday, November 13, 2014 @ 5:55 PM
The November meeting will be held on November 20 at 6:30 PM, at the Spring Lake District Library. Our program for the evening will be a discussion and demonstration of the Yaesu FT-1D digital radio.

Minutes of October 2014 Monthly Meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Thursday, November 13, 2014 @ 10:53 AM
The NOARC meeting for the month of October was held at the Spring Lake
library. Phyllis Simmons brought brownies, cookies, Apples, coffee, tea
and cider to the meeting. The meeting started shortly after 6:30 pm.

Ben Docter began his presentation on the 1934 expedition to Anartica with
Admiral Perry. Ben has a canceled envelope sent to Antarctica during
the expedition. Then he related an exceptional story of the expedition
and his part in a present-day radio contact with CE9/K2ARB. This came
in the form of two QSL cards. The expedition was also written up in QSL
magazine 2010. My apologies for omitted details in this excellent
presentation . You had to be there.

Next, John Sundstrom referred to an article in CQ magazine page 16
describing the Yaesu system "Fusion". This is a new repeater costing
approximately $500. Our old repeater began operation in19 83. Gordon
Stockhill motioned to purchase the Yaesu DR 1 repeater for the club. The
motion was seconded by Brian Beimers and Andy Suszki. . The motion was
adopted by unanimous consent.

Gordon Stockhill brought most of his radio antennas to be raffled off
among the members . Paul Zellar brought in books, videos and assorted
radio gear, which he distributed without charge. Lucky John Fischer won
the new forty meter dipole that Gordon had won at last weeks Muskegon
Hamfest. Congratulations John. I want to sit next to you during the
next raffle. Maybe some of that luck will rub off on me.

Lou Meisch has gone to Florida for the season. Maybe he won't mind if I
use his closing statement. " A good time was had by all."

Respectfully submitted: Phyllis and Roger Simmons

Minutes of September 2014 meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Saturday, October 11, 2014 @ 11:55 PM
Somehow, summer 2014 has slipped by and NOARC monthly meetings are back to indoors. September 24, 11 members met at 6:30 pm in the Spring Lake District Library meeting room, anticipating the program: television antenna versus cable. Lou Meisch set up a beam antenna on the patio. He demonstrated it on his TV, the wide ranges and stations available at ground level. Joe Veldhuis showed web sites of television stations and frequency charts. Coffee, tea, and cookies were
enjoyed as we questioned and discussed the program. The high cost of cable was included.

Speaking of programs, next month's program (Oct 30) title: How a stamp collecting hobby led to a flea market in Florida which led to the Richard Byrd second expedition to Antarctica in 1934, which led to the first going postal episode which led to radio communications from Antarctica which led to a PSK contact from Florida to Chile which was really in Antarctica. Stay tuned for the October meeting.

Respectfully submitted: Phyllis and Roger Simmons

Upcoming events
Posted by N8FQ on Monday, October 6, 2014 @ 4:18 PM
Our next regular club meeting will be held at the Spring Lake District Library on October 30. Our program for the evening will be a presentation by Ben, K8AR on the Byrd expedition to the south pole, and the role that radio played.

The Muskegon Color Tour hamfest will be held on October 18 at the Fellowship Reformed Church, 4200 Apple Ave. in Muskegon. NOARC will have 3 tables. After the hamfest, the club will meet at Spring Lake Central Park for Jamboree On The Air.

Minutes of July and August 2014 Monthly Meetings
Posted by N8FQ on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 @ 4:27 PM
Summer time in West Michigan is a call to meeting out of doors for the monthly NOARC meet. June, of course, gives us Field Day on the last week-end of that month. We had four stations, as I recollect, and a grand turn out for our Saturday potluck meal.

July brings forth Fox Hunt. Not well attended - three or four of us -, but after the thrill of the chase a local ice cream parlor was a welcome treat.

Which brings us to August 28. Around 6:30p.m., in the beautiful Ferrysburg Park, one could see at least three wires going up on the trees and one antenna being anchored down in a clearing. With five radios going, eleven in attendance, I think that we all brought in 1AW/7.

There was a nice breeze - no mosquitoes - and lots of river traffic under the bridge. A little coffee, cookies, chatter and laughter. Life is good.

The next meeting should be on the fourth Thursday, the 25th, at the Spring Lake Library at 6:30.

Respectfully Submitted;
Phyllis and Roger Simmons

(editor's note: the next club meeting will be on Wednesday, September 24 at the library.)

Upcoming meetings
Posted by N8FQ on Monday, August 18, 2014 @ 3:24 PM
Thursday, August 28 will be our annual QRP In The Park outing at William Ferry Park in Ferrysburg - the same place we had Field Day this year.

Wednesday, September 24 will be our regular business meeting at the Spring Lake District Library. We will have a presentation on over-the-air TV reception, including a discussion of antennas, a description of the channels available in our area, and a bit on TV DXing.

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